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2 Rocking Nights

Rock climbing

2 Professional Climbing Clinics

Mountain view stay

Waterfront Hotel

Buy real viagra online usa, Viagra prescription philippines

- Confidently move from the gym to outdoor climbing

- Spring 2018 climbing season ready

Your adventure starts April 27(Friday) and runs until April 29(Sunday) Departure. Sleeping at a scenic Calabogie Peaks Resort's hotel every night. Saturday and Sunday is a professionally taught rock climbing clinics filed days as we explore the Calabogie Mountain. Head home Sunday night with new your new experience or stay an extra night get a self guided climbing session in before your journey home.


  • - 2 nights hotel room (April 27-29)
  • - 2 days professionally taught rock climbing clinics
  • - Rope, quick draws and harness. (no shoes)


  • - Extra night April 30


Buy real viagra online usa, Viagra prescription philippines

Off Rock Life

12 Spots Left

Early Bird Special Deadline: April 8th

Early Bird special - SAVE 10% when you book by April 8th

Partners in Crime (2 people) - SAVE Additional 10%

Adventure Crew (4 people) - SAVE Additional 15%


Adventure Investment:

School of Rock 2 Days + Hotel 2 Nights + Gear



Solo Adventure (1 person)




Partners in Crime (2 people)




Adventure Crew (4 people)





Eric Wilson - Lead Guide

Founder of Expedition, my passion for adventure has lead me teaching others the art of rock climbing. Although not an expert by any means, the support role is one to make sure every students is getting maximum value out their climbs.

My goal is to give the gift of adventure to all. I want everyone to experience that feeling of conquering your physical limits, that feeling of doing you first 5.12, that feeling of your first double black diamond of the hills, that feeling of making it through a class 4 rapid. That's my dream and Expedition is my platform to achieve this.

Eric Wilson